Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Day of School!!!!!

First Day of school. August 16th. Mason has been going to his new school full time since the first week of August. I just wanted to put a picture of him on so you can see how big he is getting. He is 5'5" and weighs 130#s. I don't have a first day of school picture for Adam because he has to get up way to early for me to get up and take a picture. Adam has started his Junior year of High School and has his learners permit. In Indiana you can't get your Drivers Licenes until you are 16 1/2 and you can't drive with friends in the car until you are 17. Whew! that saves us a little stress for a while. Now for Marcus. As you can see in these to pictures he isn't to happy about going to school. I couldn't get him to wear his polo shirt which is the uniform. Today I went and bought some more plain solid color T-shirts. I am going to have to clean out his drawers and hide his favorite shirts. He has a Mr. Potato Head shirt, A monkey shirt, and a Toy Story 3 shirt and a blue Levi Strauss t-shirt he calls his cowboy shirt. Those are his favorite and always asks for them. Well the first week of school for Marcus started out rough. I couldn't get him to eat breakfast the first day and he would yell at me and tell me no about getting on the bus. Each day got better but he still isn't too happy about having to go to school. He is slowly getting use to the Idea again and doesn't get to mad when I mention it. Something funny that happened was the Sunday before school started a Friend of mine asked Him if he was going to go to school and he yelled at her, NO! She just started laughing. It cracked me up too. He may not want to go but I will put him on that bus no matter what. So now it's my turn to sleep, work out, clean, organize, and what ever else I can do that Summers don't allow me to.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kirt's B-Day and Date Night

As you know Marcus loves trains. Here he is riding what he calls a real train at the mall. Of course this is on Kirt's birthday and also it is Date Night. With Adam at Scout camp we have a tag a long. During the day when Mason is at school we also went to the Guitar Store. Marcus loves it here. We just pray that nothing gets damaged. Kirt got what he needed at the Guitar Store and then we let Marcus explore for about 5 min. He has lately been asking for a piano. He already has a guitar and a snare drum. He probably wants to make a one man band.